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Wild Chick Skincare Monogram logo Wild Chick Organics is a woman owned, small business founded with deep respect for nature. Our name emphasizes we're wild about using all Certified-Organic, 100% plant-based ingredients. And we donate 10% net profits to nature preservation. WCO epitomizes living free; transcending stereotypes. WCO encourages people to be richly diverse. We believe in developing both inner and outer beauty.

     As a native Oregonian, I grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors. Nature walks with the purpose of gathering herbs to make herbal teas was a family tradition. Over time, my love of nature inspired me to learn more about healing properties in plants. 

     Prior to founding Wild Chick Organics, my skin suffered from a variety of issues. Essentially, Wild Chick was created because the typical skincare available was loaded with potentially toxic artificial ingredients. Initially, it was shocking to discover all the harsh chemicals allowed in conventional skincare. Using my background in Molecular/Microbiology and combining my love of nature, I formulated skincare products derived from plants, no artificial stuff and always Certified-Organic

     My skin's appearance dramatically improved while using my unique, 100% plant-based skincare. Friends & family also loved the handcrafted, small-batch skincare and encouraged me to start Wild Chick. My small business launched Earth Day 2019 and we've been growing ever since. Customers appreciate our dedication to prioritizing local and organic ingredients.

    Wild Chick is unique from conventional brands because we only use 100% plant-based ingredients, and every product is always Certified-Organic. The certification helps prove our products are 3rd party verified to contain at least 95% plant-based ingredients grown without artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The Organic-Certification also includes non-GMO verification. 

     Wild Chick partners with the nonprofit organization, Oregon Tilth to help complete the annual certification process. The Oregon Tilth is globally recognized for their commitment to sustainable agriculture and valued for rigorous certification standards.

We're grateful for customers that choose to invest in purchasing Wild Chick skincare.



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