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Wild Chick Skincare Monogram logo Wild Chick Organics is a woman owned, small business founded with a genuine love for nature and our planet. The name, Wild Chick Organics emphasizes we're wildly committed to using Certified-Organic plant ingredients & sustainable business practices. We donate 10% net profits to nature preservation annually. WCO epitomizes living free and transcending stereotypes. WCO encourages people to be richly diverse & committed to embracing their own inner & outer beauty.

     As a native Oregonian, I grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors. Nature walks (see photo above) with the purpose of gathering herbs to make herbal teas was a tradition with my mom. Over time, my love of nature inspired me to learn more about healing properties in plants.

     Prior to founding Wild Chick Organics, my skin suffered from a variety of issues. Essentially, Wild Chick was created because I couldn't find any skincare products without potentially toxic artificial ingredients listed on the box. I was surprised to discover harsh chemicals being used in traditional skincare products. Using my background in Molecular/Microbiology and combining my love of nature, I've formulated skincare products derived from plants, no artificial stuff and always Certified-OrganicMy skins appearance dramatically improved while using the 100% plant-based skincare products. An extra bonus, friends & family love the handcrafted, small-batch skincare. They appreciate my dedication to using high quality, Certified-Organic ingredients. Friends and family became our 1st, Wild Chick VIP's and encouraged me to start Wild Chick. Our small, woman-owned business launched Earth Day 2019 and it's been wild ever since. 

    Our Oregon small business offers USDA certified-organic products. All ingredients (not just a few) are derived from plants grown without artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Achieving annual Organic-Certification for all products helps prove to valued customers our plant-based skincare is non-GMO & grown without pesticides. 

When customers choose to invest in Wild Chick skincare, they'll always find the products are 100% plant based, vegan and Certified-Organic.



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