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Wild Chick Skincare Monogram logo Wild Chick Organics is a woman owned, Oregon small business founded with a deep respect for women & nature, from which our products are created. The name, Wild Chick Organics emphasizes we're wildly committed to using Certified-Organic plants & sustainable business practices including donating 10% net profits to nature preservation. WCO epitomizes living free with self-empowering ideas, transcending stereotypes. WCO encourages people to be richly diverse & committed to embracing their own inner & outer beauty.

     As a native Oregonian, I grew up with an appreciation for the outdoors. Nature walks (see photo above) with the purpose of gathering herbs to make herbal teas was a tradition with my mom. Over time, my love of nature inspired me to learn more about the healing properties in plants. My skin dramatically improved after creating my own skincare products. An extra bonus was friends & family were benefiting from using my plant-based skincare. They appreciated my dedication to using high quality, Certified-Organic ingredients & encouraged me to start Wild Chick because they were self-proclaimed, "addicts."

     WCO developed out of my own experience with problematic skin. Visiting countless doctors, trying different skincare products didn't alleviate my skin issues. Using my degree in Molecular/Microbiology & passion for learning, I was surprised to discover many skin cosmetics & creams are filled with potentially toxic chemicals. My desire to a find organic skincare products lead to the establishment of Wild Chick, an Oregon small business that offers USDA certified-organic products. All ingredients (not just a few) are derived from plants grown without pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

     Achieving Organic-Certification for all products helps to assure customers our plant-based skincare is non-GMO & grown without pesticides. My husband lovingly refers to me as an "organic fanatic." Rest assured, by selecting Wild Chick Organics skincare, you'll always find the products are 100% plant based, vegan & Certified-Organic for your skin.



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